2022 Society Packages

Weekdays (minimum of 12 Players)

PackageHolesIncludedWinter (1st Oct - 31st Mar)Summer (1st Apr - 30th Sept)
Bronze18Bacon/Sausage bloomer with Tea/Coffee£30£33
Option: Full Breakfast with Tea/Coffee£34£37
Silver18Bacon/Sausage bloomer with Tea/Coffee Plus 1 course meal£35£38
Gold18Bacon/Sausage bloomer with Tea/Coffee Plus 2 course meal£37£40
Platinum7 & 18Bacon/Sausage bloomer with Tea/Coffee Plus Soup & Sandwich Lunch Plus 2 Course Evening Meal£55£60

Sundays (Minimum 12 players)

PackageHolesIncludedWinter (1st Oct - 31st Mar)Summer (1st Apr - 30th Sept)
Starter18Bacon/Sausage bloomer with Tea/Coffee£33£35
Option: Sunday Starter plus 1 course meal£46£48
Option: Sunday Starter plus 2 course meal£49£51
Option: Sunday Starter plus 3 course meal£54£56
Belter18Full Breakfast with Tea/Coffee£37£39
Option: Sunday Belter plus 1 course meal£50£52
Option: Sunday Belter plus 2 course meai£53£55
Best18Full Breakfast with Tea/Coffee Option: 3 course meal£60£60

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